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On this site, PEO licence holders and EITs can do the following:

  • begin the Practice Evaluation and Knowledge (PEAK) program upon receipt of your renewal notice
  • pay fees by credit card
  • update home and business addresses
  • download receipts
  • print off membership card (through Receipts)
  • set preferred chapter affiliation
  • manage subscriptions

Please note: Under section 50.1 of Regulation 941/90, all licence holders and holders of certificates of authorization are required to provide notice of any changes to the information in the PEO registers pertaining to the licence holder within 30 day of the change. Please visit the Profile section of the Member Portal to review and update, if necessary, the directory information.

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Certificate of Authorization (C of A) contact licence holders wishing to access the C of A renewal form, please log in with your P.Eng. account. 

New users: If this is your first time logging in, create a new user name and password by clicking "Register Now".

If your attempts to register and/or login following your password reset are unsuccessful, email documentcentre@peo.on.ca, provide the reference number you received when attempting to register or reset password and a staff member will assist you.

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